Raft to Discord [R2D]

R2D sends your in-game messages trough a webhook to your own Discord server!


banner for the Raft to Discord [R2D] mod
Note, the Discord tag on the source code is no longer my tag, do not fall for any impersonation.


  • setWebhook | Your Discord Webhook url
  • showWebhook - Shows your current Discord webhook url
  • tW - Sends a test message to your discord chat
  • setApi | Your Steam API-key
  • showApi - Shows your current Steam API-key that has been set for this mod

How to use?

  1. Open Raft and open the console. (F10)
  2. Type setWebhook and then your Discord webhook url.
  3. Not required! Type setApi and then your Steam API-key. This adds your profile picture with the webhook/message. After this you should restart you game!
  4. To see if your webhook is working, use the command tW. You should receive a message to your Discord server.
  5. Create your game and start chatting!

To do

  • Clean the code.
  • Fix the lag caused by the WebRequest or something - need to find the cause.

Watch out!

  • Only use this mod with friends you trust!
  • In the current state of this mod, everyone who will want to send messages to your Discord chat trough the webhook will need the URL. It's not safe to give out the webhook URL to strangers as it can be used for griefing. (Spamming)

Description last changed on 2021-08-31