A Raft randomizer that uses Archipelago, a multi-world randomizer.


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Under Development

This mod is still under development. The Archipelago website currently does NOT have Raft listed as a game, and you cannot generate configurations for it yet. See "How to Use This Mod" for more information.

What is this?

Head over to https://archipelago.gg/ to see what Archipelago is!

What is randomized?

All non-decoration item recipes that are not unlocked at the start of a new game, as well as story island frequencies, are unlocks that are mixed into the Archipelago item pool. Since there are more locations in Raft than there are items to receive, Resource Packs with basic earlygame materials and/or duplicate items may be added to the item pool.

Each of the following will unlock one random item from the Archipelago item pool and send it to the appropriate Archipelago player

  • All note pickups on story islands
  • All frequency unlocks on story islands
  • All blueprint pickups on story islands
  • All research table unlocks (recipes remain the same)

Finally, the Research Table recipes will remove the researched items required for a recipe once learned, meaning many more resources must be put into the Research Table to get all the unlocks from it.

How to Use This Mod

  • NOTE: Raft is currently not integrated into Archipelago, thus it will not show up on the Archipelago website, nor will it be available for generation from the download on the website. Once it is integrated, these will become available. Until then, you can coordinate with SunnyBat#6879 on the RML Discord to get a server set up.
  • You MUST have an Archipelago server set up and configured with your specific set of players that you want to play with in a randomizer session. For information on how to set this up, see these setup instructions.
  • See this PR for the current status of integration

Important save game notes

  • The mod will not load save games created without the mod loaded (eg vanilla Raft saves). This is to prevent accidentally loading a non-Raftipelago world with Raftipelago, as the overall in-game behavior is significantly changed between vanilla and Raftipelago.
  • Save games created while Raftipelago is loaded will be incompatible with vanilla Raft. This is to prevent accidentally loading a Raftipelago world without Raftipelago loaded, as there are changes made to how the world is loaded that must be run by Raftipelago.
  • If your Raftipelago save is not loadable, verify that you have Raftipelago loaded. After you verify this, click the "Load game" button to reload the save game list. If this still doesn't work, you can load a backup of your world -- Raftipelago will not prevent you from loading a backup world, even if it was not saved with Raftipelago loaded.

Joining a MultiWorld Game

  1. Ensure you're on the Main Menu with Raftipelago loaded.
  2. Open the Debug Console by pressing F10.
  3. Type /connect {serverAddress} {username} {password} into the console and hit Enter.
    • Example: /connect archipelago.gg:12345 SunnyBat
    • serverAddress must not contain spaces.
    • If your username or password contains spaces, surround that value with quotation marks ("). Adding quotation marks even when not necessary (eg "SunnyBat") is fine.
    • If your username or password starts with a quotation mark, surround the value with an additional set of quotation marks (eg the value "myP@s$w0rD would be entered as ""myP@s$w0rD").
    • The username for Archipelago is the one specified in the YAML used to generate the multiworld. Generally, this is the username you typed into the configuration page on the website. While this can be the same as your Steam username if it was set up that way, it is not required to be.
  4. Start a new game or load an existing one.
    • Raftipelago save games are marked as incompatible with
    • Do not use an existing game that was not created with Raftipelago. It will work, but if anything is unlocked, it will be automatically registered with Archipelago once the world is loaded. This is irreversible.
  5. You can disconnect by typing /disconnect confirmDisconnect into the console and hitting Enter.

Data Collection

Raftipelago sends information to a third party as part of its core functionality. The following pieces of information are sent over to the server you connect to when using this mod:

  • Your IP address
  • Your Archipelago username
  • A randomly-generated unique identifier that is generated every time Raftipelago is loaded
  • The game you are currently playing ("Raft")
  • Whether or not you are loaded into a game of Raft
  • Arbitrarily-assigned identifiers for specific items that have been obtained by you throughout your current Raft game
  • Any chat messages you send through the in-game text chat

Raftipelago nor Raft Mod Loader have any control over what data is logged or otherwise retained by the server being used.

Description last changed on 2022-01-18