Allows meeting and trading with other rafts from other game sessions.


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This is a mod for Raft that adds support for meeting other rafts from other game sessions.

Once you have loaded this mod in a game session, you can meet other rafts in the ocean. A buoy with red smoke will appear and indicate the meeting location. Your receiver will also show the buoy with a red dot, and the other raft with a pink dot. You can trade resources and items with players from the other raft. Meeting is only possible in the open ocean, and sailing away from the buoy will disconnect you. RaftMMO adds a new tab in the settings menu where you can see your meeting history and current status information (e.g. how many other RaftMMO rafts are currently online)

License and Warranty

Copyright (c) 2020-2023 Max Vollmer

Requires the game Raft on Steam with the RaftModLoader installed.

Not affiliated with Raft, Redbeet Interactive or Axolot Games.

This mod is released as is without any guarantee that it works and without any warranties whatsoever. Use on your own risk. If you don't know what you are doing, don't do it.



If you are a coder and want to help, get in touch!

If you want to build the mod project:

  • You need the game Raft on Steam.
  • You need RaftModLoader by traxam and TeKGameR.
  • You need Unity Mod Manager by newman55.
  • And you must edit the shared.props file to set correct paths for these third party dependencies.

Description last changed on 2023-02-07