Adds some recipes for rare materials and does some quality of life changes


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This mod

adds new recipes for Leather, Explosive Goo, Scrap and Titanium Ingot

changes the Metal Detector recipe to be available from the beginning with a little modified cost and less durability

changes the requirements of the normal healing salve recipe

changes requirements a little bit for most of the items from augmented items mod (will only work if you use that mod)

changes the stack size of Dishes, Milk Bucket and Giant Clam to 20

changes the hunger bonus from the Shark Dinner to 100

adds a recipe for Shark Dinner

sometimes you get Glass back if you use a Honey Jar

The intention of the mod is to ease the grind on difficulties beyond normal. Which means it does make the game easier. Don't blame me for this and have fun. ^^

Description last changed on 2021-02-04