With this mod we can rename any string inside the game.


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IMPORTANT: This mod uses ExtraSettings API, but it's optional.


With this mod we are able to edit any string inside the game and we are able to create proper translations for other mods. Not only strings can be changed, also Fonts or TextMeshPFont.


This mod requires a csv file (UTF8) with a specific structure to work. All changes are temporarily and do not affect your game data. The csv must be placed inside the ModPack/Renamer folder.

Example csv:

Key;Type;Desc;English;Svenska [sv];Français [fr];Italiano [it];Deutsch [de];Español [es];Polski [pl];Português-Brasil;中文 [zh-CN];日本語 [ja];한국어 [ko];Pусский [ru]
Item/Plank;Text;;Plank@A simple plank.;Planka@En enkel planka.;Planche@Une simple planche.;Asse@Una semplice asse.;Planke@Eine einfache Planke.;Tabla@Una simple tabla.;Deska@Po prostu deska.;Tábua@Uma tábua simples.;厚木板@就是一块厚木板。;厚板@単なる板です。;판자@단순한 판자입니다.;Доска@Обычная доска.

Key: Is the item term. Its unique for any item even for mod items. Type: Is likely always Text. Desc: It's optional English, etc: Contains the actually text which should be displayed for the language. To delete a string use "-" (without the quotes), but the client will fallback to a random string from another language. You need to "-"(without the quotes) all languages, except Russian to make the text disappear To not change the text, just leave it blank.

This example would only affect the english locale and changes the Plank text to Board:

Key;Type;Desc;English;Svenska [sv];Français [fr];Italiano [it];Deutsch [de];Español [es];Polski [pl];Português-Brasil;中文 [zh-CN];日本語 [ja];한국어 [ko];Pусский [ru]
Item/Plank;Text;;Board@A simple board, but not plank :P.;;;;;;;;;;;

This example would only affect the english locale and would delete the whole text from Plank:

Key;Type;Desc;English;Svenska [sv];Français [fr];Italiano [it];Deutsch [de];Español [es];Polski [pl];Português-Brasil;中文 [zh-CN];日本語 [ja];한국어 [ko];Pусский [ru]

To load your data into the game you can either use the console and type: ImportLocalizationFromCSV filename


you can use the ExtraSettings Interface (easy).

Additional function

If you need a list of all items/terms and localization, use the console and type ExportLocalizationToCSV. If this file should include modded items, make sure they are loaded. The created file is named: LanguageSourceData.csv inside the ModPack/Renamer folder.


This mod does not affect other players and should work in multiplayer.

Support and Future Updates

If you find a bug or the mod needs updating for some reason, feel free to contact me through the Raft Modding Discord, or ping me directly (Kisshu#7250).

All feedback appreciated.

Description last changed on 2023-01-19