Just some sad tweaks.


Version 1.3LatestUp to date
  • Fixed clay bowl return in multiplayer (again).
  • Attempting to fix seagulls still attacking flowers.

Released on 2020-11-01

Version 1.2Up to date
  • Fixed clay bowl return in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Seagull behaviour on plots with only flowers in them.
  • Altered way of checking scarecrow health.
  • Slightly increased Scarecrow range.
  • maxuses is now updating batteries placed too.

Released on 2020-11-01

Version 1.1Up to date
  • Added confirmation to maxuses command.
  • Scarecrows are now preventing seagulls from attacking nearby crops.

Released on 2020-10-31

Version 1.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-10-30