Create signposts for your raft


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Adds a new item into the game. You can craft a signpost and configure it how you want it to look. It can have up to 5 different signs for which you can change the rotation (in steps of 15 degrees) and the displayed text individually.

The mod is localized for German, English, Español, Français, Svenska, Italiano, Polski and Português-Brasil.

How to use Craft and place the sign base where you want it to be. With your interact key (default: E) you can open the menu and change the settings of the signs.

Crafting Recipe

  • 5 x Plank
  • 5 x Nail
  • 4 x Scrap
  • 5 x Black paint

Multiplayer If all connected Players have the mod installed it should work just fine in Multiplayer.

Support Should you need help or if you found a bug, contact me in the modding discord or directly Philipp#0926

Description last changed on 2022-09-10