Toggleable Animal Behavior

Allows the user to toggle aggressive animal behavior on or off


banner for the Toggleable Animal Behavior mod

This mod uses the Extra Settings API!

Ever wanted to control the behavior of animals in the game, but maybe not have all of them be passive? Like, maybe you just hate pufferfish in particular and want them to not blow up in your face. This mod will allow you to:

  • Toggle passiveness of the various animal types
  • Set frequency of shark attacks in case Bruce is left aggressive
  • Disable Bruce's ability to eat your raft
  • Disable seagulls from eating your crops

Now has a debug option that'll output the values to the console.

Needs a world reload after enabling behaviors.

This is because creature behaviors asides from the shark are only looked at during world load.

Settings Panel

Description last changed on 2022-12-18