Trading Leather

This mod adds items to the trading post



Description: The mod actually adds leather to the trading post. it is added on tier 3, for 15 trash cube and 10 coins has 10 stock.

you can use comand trade to add items, you need to use the sintax (name, tier, stock, trashes, coins, amountgiven) *if the item is in hand you can use the sintax "trade (tier stock trashes coins amountgiven)" it will get the item in hand for example for leather: "trade Leather 3 10 15 10 1"

if you don't know the name of the item, you can use "trade" with no more arguments, it will return the name of the item on hand.

finally you can change the items that are added to trading post through the file leatherbuy/leatherpost.ltp

edit it with a text editor like notepad.

Description last changed on 2023-09-29