True Landlubber

Removes the shakiness better than 'Motion sickness' mode. COMPLETELY iradicates raft moving up/down/rotating, disables camera bobbing.


banner for the True Landlubber mod

No special use is needed. You don't need to activate "Motion sickness mode". However activating it will disable storms, and storms look like you are moving up and down, even tho you are not. So you probably still want to disable it. Once loaded the mod will automatically remove EVERY last bit of shakiness for the REAL landlubbers. Yes, the game has a motion sickness mode, but that may not be enough for some of you. So this mod disables EVERY last bit. This can result in water animations being played above the raft because it doesn't even bop up and down with the water. However you are as much moving as an island. The perfect way to play for the really sensitive people.

Known issues:

  • Somehow steering wheels don't work.

Description last changed on 2020-05-23