Utility Craft +

Adds simple crafting recipes and changed max stack sizes for some advanced gameplay, primarily for farming.


banner for the Utility Craft + mod

About this mod: Just a simple mod i created for me and my girlfriend, making it possible to craft seeds from flowers, pineapples, watermelons, coconuts, and mangoes. It also changes the maximum stack size of a lot of common items because they always fill up our storages way to fast. It also contains every vanilla Item as static variable, so people can look up IDs and Item Names without much testing.

New feature: INI File is now accessible and editable in the "ModData/UtilCraftPlus/config" folder. Change the settings how you like it!

PS: Feel free to ask me anything about my mod or my plans on the API. https://discord.gg/7zKJ3B is my Discord, "[γ‚«γƒΌγƒŸ] SKL Shinigami" is my account name. Im also now in the Raft Modding Discord with my Modder name.

Description last changed on 2020-05-25