We Want Plates... Also Cups.

No, seriously. Stop eating your cookware. It's bad for your health.


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I finished Raft and, well, there isn't exactly much to keep playing (or modding) for.

This will probably continue to work after any major updates unless the Raft modding api changes or they change the unique names of items.

The last release update this was written for was Raft 1.04

Consuming cooking pot and juicer food items now return the clay bowl or drinking glass that was used to hold it.

Consuming Honey also returns one glass.

Cooking Pot recipes that require a Milk Bucket return the bucket(s) used.

Filling the Biofuel Refinery's honey tank also returns one glass per honey inserted.

To balance out the reusable items, some recipes have been modified:

Clay Bowls

  • Requires 8 Clay
  • Makes 4 Clay Bowls.

Drinking Glass

  • Requires 4 Glass
  • Makes 4 Drinking Glass


  • Requires 6 Honeycomb
  • Requires 2 Glass
  • Makes 2 Honey

Description last changed on 2022-06-29