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banner for the zNightmareDifficulty mod

Welcome, hell awaits you.

This isn't your peaceful caribbean paradise anymore. Wildlife is now on steroids. Bruce is no longer your friend. DON'T touch a pufferfish!!! You have been warned.

Things to know: Your gear defence scales with the new damage. Also you get a dmg reduce bonus if you wear a full set. I highly suggest !NOT! to pet a pufferfish until you got at least one gear part.

This mod was balanced for hard mode, to make it a nightmare. Its also useable in lower difficulties for everyone who don't like the concept of one life is exactly one life. ^^

I highly recommend to use the mods: Augmented Equipment, RecipesAndMore, SadTweaks They help to ease the grind and stop some annoying things, like Bruce attacking the raft forever. I also suggest to use the mods: Arashi's Fishing Expansion, Autorecipe, Biggerplots, Better Cropplots, Craft from Storage, Augmented Items cause most of them allow you to focus more on the essential thing, survival.

If you need a higher difficulty simply add the Random Animal Spawn mod and reap what you sow.

Description last changed on 2021-02-28