Absolute Gyro

For people having motion sickness issues


banner for the Absolute Gyro mod


This mod simply changes the waves so that "Motion Sickness Mode" option, instead of just calming the water, will completely stop wave/water movement. This is so that people who still get motion sickness despite having the "Motion Sickness Mode" turned on can play a bit easier.

Hope it works for you byu and any other user having issues :)

Note: while designed to operate with Motion Sickness Mode on, it will disable waves in most weather conditions even while Motion Sickness Mode is off.


This mod may or may not function in multiplayer. If it does it will only have an effect if the host has it installed but probably will only require the host to have it installed

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at any time

Description last changed on 2024-03-07