Aidanamite's mods

banner image for the Misophonia Helper mod
Misophonia Helper by Aidanamite

Disable eating sounds

banner image for the Reciever Motion Display mod
Reciever Motion Display by Aidanamite

Adds raft motion display to reciever display

banner image for the Statistic Mod mod
Statistic Mod by Aidanamite

Adds extra information to the HUD and other UIs

banner image for the Super Soaker mod
Super Soaker by Aidanamite

Allows you to configure the watering radius of the sprinkler

banner image for the Melissophobia Helper mod
Melissophobia Helper by Aidanamite

Silences all the bee sounds in the game

banner image for the Tree Drops Modifier mod
Tree Drops Modifier by Aidanamite

Allows you to assign multipliers to the resources dropped by chopping trees

banner image for the Building Utilities (formally Stackable Placeables) mod
Building Utilities (formally Stackable Placeables) by Aidanamite

Allows you to build in ways not before possible

banner image for the Voyage Overhaul mod
Voyage Overhaul by Aidanamite

A new design for the propulsion systems

banner image for the Easy Deposit mod
Easy Deposit by Aidanamite

Adds an easy way to deposit items from inventory to nearby chests

banner image for the WiFi Antenna mod
WiFi Antenna by Aidanamite

Hides the Antenna wires to make your raft look a bit cleaner

banner image for the Stat Modifier mod
Stat Modifier by Aidanamite

Allows you to change how fast your hunger and thirst decrease

banner image for the Almost No Power mod
Almost No Power by Aidanamite

Prevents batteries in machines from losing power

banner image for the Angry Water mod
Angry Water by Aidanamite

Allows nature to summon forth the greatest of storms

banner image for the Absolute Gyro mod
Absolute Gyro by Aidanamite

For people having motion sickness issues

banner image for the Preset Commands mod
Preset Commands by Aidanamite

Allows you to set commands to be run on world load

banner image for the MultiBind mod
MultiBind by Aidanamite

Allows user to bind multiple commands to a single keybind

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