Almost No Durability

makes all tools and equipment more durable


Version 3.2LatestUp to date
  • fixed stuff like seaweed being affected by durability modifier
  • updated extra-settings-api usage to new best practice
  • update mod-info description

Released on 2021-03-22

Version 3.1Untested
  • fixed food being affected by durability modifier

Released on 2021-03-17

Version 3.0Untested
  • add optional modifier configuration (thanks to Aidanamite)
  • major code-cleanup

Released on 2021-03-14

Version 2.1Untested
  • fix modinfo update url

Released on 2021-02-06

Version 2.0Untested
  • Removed log spam
  • optimize durability loss timing

Released on 2021-02-05

Version 1.3bUntested
  • fixed depletion of all equipments that is not "oxygen bottle"

Released on 2021-01-13

Version 1.2bUntested
  • update modinfo file

Released on 2020-12-03

Version v1.2bUntested
  • Fixed oxygen bottles still depleting

Released on 2020-12-02

Version v1.1bUntested
  • Tried a new (code) approach
    • Tested it with axe and bow
  • Old code is still present to be able to roll-back easy
  • New approach detaches my code from the former inspirational code of "your balance"

Released on 2020-11-09

Version v1.0bUntested

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-10-29