Angry Water

Allows nature to summon forth the greatest of storms


banner for the Angry Water mod


This mod allows you to amplify the power of the waves.

Adds the command: wavePower Syntax: wavePower {primary} {secondary}

  • the primary modifier is exponential (Default: 1.7, Vanilla Default: 1, Recommended Max: 2, feel free to set higher at own risk, you may have trouble staying on the raft)
  • the secondary modifier is a multiplier (Default: 1, Vanilla Default: 1, setting this to 0 will result in the water becoming invisible)

I cannot guarantee how well the game will respond to large values or negative values.


This mod may or may not function in multiplayer. If it does it will only have an effect if the host has it installed but probably will only require the host to have it installed

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at any time

Description last changed on 2024-03-07