Adds a variety of aquariums to the game


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This mod adds aquariums in multiple sizes and shapes to add some extra flare to your raft


Cylinder Aquariums:

  • Bowl: 1 Glass
  • Small: 1 Glass
  • Medium: 4 Glass
  • Large: 10 Glass

Box Aquariums:

  • Bowl: 1 Glass
  • Small: 1 Glass
  • Medium: 4 Glass
  • Large: 12 Glass

5 x Decorational Fishing Bait: 1 Blue Flower + 1 Scrap

All recipes are unlocked at the research table


After placing an aquarium you can open it like a storage box and place fish inside it. Once you close the storage any fish placed inside will appear in the aquarium.

Each aquarium has a max capacity and max fish size and each fish has a size: Large Aquarium: Capacity = 100, Max Size = Large Medium Aquarium: Capacity = 40, Max Size = Large Small Aquarium: Capacity = 10, Max Size = Small Tiny Aquarium (Fish Bowl): Capacity = 0.5, Max Size = Tiny Large Fish: (3 capacity each) Shark, Rhino Shark, Puffer Fish, Angler Fish, Stingray, Whale, Dolphin, Salmon, Catfish Small Fish: (1 capacity each) Tilapia, Mackerel Tiny Fish: (0.5 capacity each) Pomfret, Herring

Salmon, Catfish, Herring, Mackerel, Pomfret and Tilapia can be put inside the aquarium with the raw fish item of each Shark, Rhino Shark, Puffer Fish and Angler Fish can be put inside the aquarium with the head/trophy item of each Stingray, Whale and Dolphin can be put inside the aquarium with special items caught using the Decorational Fishing Bait

Loading the mod

While it is recommended to load the mod on the main menu, this mod can be loaded or unloaded anytime other than while in a multiplayer game.

Note: unloading the mod while in a world will destroy all items/blocks from the mod you have.


This mod should be fully multiplayer compatible and requires all players to have it installed.

Note: The fish inside the aquarium will appear for all players but may not appear in the same location as their location is not synced

Potential Future Additions

  • Mergeable Aquariums. Aquariums that when placed next to each other will act like they're a single aquarium allowing fish to swim to throughout the entire connected volume

Description last changed on 2024-03-07