Better Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel will return to default rotation if it's not locked. Fixes vanilla Raft's Steering Wheel bugs.


Version v2.2.0LatestUp to date
  • Raft 1.0 Compatibility

Released on 2022-06-25

Version v2.1.1Untested
  • Removed bug fix code that was implemented into Raft since Update 13

Released on 2021-07-01

Version v2.1.0Untested
  • Added network support

Released on 2021-03-21

Version v2.0.1Untested
  • Bug fix

Released on 2020-12-03

Version v2.0.0Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-06

Version v1.1.0Untested
  • Lock state can now be saved and loaded during world saves.

Released on 2020-07-11

Version v1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-07-07