Better Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel will return to default rotation if it's not locked. Fixes vanilla Raft's Steering Wheel bugs.


banner for the Better Steering Wheel mod

This mod adds new features to Steering Wheel:

  • Steering Wheel is automatically returned to default rotation after player stops looking at it.
  • Steering Wheel can be manually returned to default rotation by pressing LMB.
  • Each Steering Wheel can be locked by pressing RMB (toggle) to prevent it from automatically returning to default rotation.

Bug fix (bugs from Raft itself):

  • Steering Wheel now spins smoothly.
  • Fixed bug about looking direction shifted to old direction after using Steering Wheel.


Known issues:
  • Rotating the steering wheel, while looking up will break view position after you stop rotating it.


Description last changed on 2020-10-18