Bigger Plots

Adds 7 new crop plots to the game.


Version 1.2.2LatestUp to date
  • Fix for Final Chapter from discord #broken-mods.

Released on 2022-08-05

Version 1.2.1Untested
  • Added banana seed's.

Released on 2020-10-13

Version 1.2.0Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-06

Version 1.1.5Untested
  • basically 1.1.4

Released on 2019-12-13

Version 1.1.4Untested
  • You can now plant Birch and Pine seeds

Released on 2019-12-13

Version 1.1.3Untested
  • Added support for Update 10

Released on 2019-12-08

Version 1.1.2Untested
  • mod wont try to load the old asset bundle now

Released on 2019-10-05

Version 1.1.1Untested

-added a 1x1 crop plot

-fixed the plant order

-removed the asset bundle for easier installation

-fixed the crafting icons

Released on 2019-10-02

Version 1.1Untested


Released on 2019-10-02

Version 1.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2019-09-22