TeigRolle's mods

banner image for the SharkAlarm mod
SharkAlarm by TeigRolle

SharkAlarm adds an icon which fades from white to red when the shark gets near.

banner image for the Bigger Plots mod
Bigger Plots by TeigRolle

Adds 7 new crop plots to the game.

banner image for the No Pillars [Beta] mod
No Pillars [Beta] by TeigRolle

Removes the need for pillars.

banner image for the GarbageSucker mod
GarbageSucker by TeigRolle

The Garbage Sucker sucks the garbage out of the ocean and puts it into neaby chests.

banner image for the Shark Spy mod
Shark Spy by TeigRolle

Disguise yourself as a shark and swim freely!

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