Bulk Crafting

Allows you to bulk craft items (x10)


Version 1.3.0LatestUp to date
  • Should have fixed the persistent multiplier effects
  • Fixed incompatibility with mods that read crafting recipes
  • Added optional implementation of the Settings API. You can now change the keybind and bulk amount

Released on 2023-05-07

Version 1.2.1Up to date

Fixed wrong build number and mod file due to .net framework failing to build in 4.5 … doh should also fix the modupdater infinite loop of updating

Released on 2022-07-10

Version 1.2Up to date
  • Restoring recipe should be more stable now, cost should not get repeatedly increased.

Released on 2022-07-10

Version 1.1Untested

Fixed a null reference in the menu

Released on 2021-08-26

Version 1.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-07-20