Allows you to reload things like commands and crafting with a button


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Adds 2 ways to:

  • reload all mod commands just in case the console decides to forget them
  • reload crafting menu/research table in for when loading mods with new recipes without reloading the world

You can either use a command reloadAllCommands/reloadCraftingMenu or click the "Reload Commands"/"Reload Crafting Menu" button in the settings. (Note: to use the buttons you need to install the Extra Settings API)

Additional Info

This mod will automatically reload the crafting menu and research table when changes to the items are detected. This detection is not perfect but should work in most cases. This automatic reload can be disabled in the mod settings (accessed through the Extra Settings API)


This mod is not affected by multiplayer

Loading the mod

This mod can be loaded/unloaded anytime

Description last changed on 2024-03-07