Craft From All Storage

Allows you to craft with resources in any storage container.


Version 1.5.6LatestUp to date
  • Fixed bug that caused more items than intended to be taken

Released on 2023-03-23

Version 1.5.5Up to date
  • Moved networking handling to use ModUtils to fix for the latest version of raft (This means the mod now requires ModUtils to be installed for multiplayer)

Released on 2023-01-29

Version 1.5.4Up to date
  • Fixed the issue that caused a bunch of the interactions to break

Released on 2023-01-13

Version 1.5.3Up to date
  • Various bug fixes

Released on 2023-01-12

Version 1.5.1Up to date
  • Errors and networking fixed by Philipp.

Released on 2022-10-17

Version 1.5.0Up to date

Ability to toggle default refiner item by pressing R, it also sets the default to the currently held item if it is valid
This should allow you to use other things than raw potatoes with an empty hand, and continue to use the item you held if you used the last one.

toggle image

Released on 2022-07-12

Version 1.4.2Up to date

Fixed an issue where CostMultiple.HasEnoughInInventory would always return true for non player inventories

This allowed you to quick craft (+ icon) without resources when you had a storage open and probably caused other issues in general for other inventories where that method was called.

Thanks to Smashen for reporting it.

Released on 2022-07-11

Version 1.4.1Up to date
  • Log a warning when loading the game if the Storage_Small component could not be found instead of crashing with a NullReferenceException
  • catch exceptions when listening for networks messages and inform users that they should be running the same version of CFAS

Released on 2022-07-10

Version 1.4.0Up to date


  • Can now put planks into smelter from storage
  • Can now put planks into purifier from storage
  • Optimized crafting from storage to only loop all storages once. instead of once per item in recipe. Could result in FPS increase
  • Remote storages being used now open and close, this works in MP for other people with the mod installed.


  • hammer should no longer show double the amount of resources
  • Auto Recipe Redux would not remove items from storage all the time
  • Throwing a fish line without bait should no longer cause an error.


  • Some code cleanup / reorganization

Released on 2022-07-04

Version 1.3.0Up to date
  • Fixed an issue with PlayerInventory detection causing lag with Benevolent Sprites, specifically the mechanic sprite, should increase FPS
  • Destroying the gameobject on unload should not longer be done according to Fynikoto
  • Fixed an issue preventing adding planks to the cooking pot
  • Fixed an issue where the original method would be called when it should not, thanks Fynikoto
  • You can now toggle a storage to be included or excluded by CFAS by pressing R
    • This information is persisted in your save game
    • This state is synced across multiplayer on join as well as when you toggle it via a custom event

Released on 2022-06-30

Version 1.2.3Up to date

Patch Inventory.GetItemCount and Inventory.RemoveItem correctly for Auto Recipe Redux support
Fixes an error on load

Released on 2022-06-25

Version 1.2.2Up to date

Fixed an issue with duplicate counts displayed with MoreStorage

Released on 2022-06-25

Version 1.2.1Up to date

Fixed an issue where double resources would be removed when a chest was opened while crafting
Thanks to Maverik for bringing to my attention that RemoveCostMultiple had a new parameter

Released on 2022-06-24

Version 1.2.0Up to date

Updated to Raft 1.0

Thanks to DeadByte42 for making the needed changes.

Released on 2022-06-24

Version 1.1.2Untested

Potentially fix duplication/sync issues by only broadcasting close storage event if you are the host and sending it to the host if you are not the host. - Thanks Aidanamite for guidance.

Released on 2021-07-29

Version 1.1.1Untested


  • a recursive loop with an open storage that could cause CTD when using quick craft and checking if inventory had enough items
  • potentially fixed an issue where you would CTD when hovering a quick craft icon.
  • an issue where items removed would not be synced to other players
  • a potential null reference when fetching storage inventory and exiting to the main menu
  • Bail out as fast as possible from checking all storage for enough inventory items for a recipe

Released on 2021-07-28

Version 1.1.0Untested

Added support for Auto Recipe Redux

  • Fuel will be pulled from storage (planks)
  • The red marking for missing ingredients will look in storage
  • items will be removed from storage

Released on 2021-07-10

Version 1.0.1Untested

Fixed an issue removing items from storage when building with the hammer Patch RemoveCostMultiple instead of CraftItem and OnQuickCraft - Thanks Aidanamite

Released on 2021-07-09

Version 1.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-07-08