Craft From All Storage

Allows you to craft with resources in any storage container.


Version 1.1.2LatestUp to date

Potentially fix duplication/sync issues by only broadcasting close storage event if you are the host and sending it to the host if you are not the host. - Thanks Aidanamite for guidance.

Released on 2021-07-29

Version 1.1.1Up to date


  • a recursive loop with an open storage that could cause CTD when using quick craft and checking if inventory had enough items
  • potentially fixed an issue where you would CTD when hovering a quick craft icon.
  • an issue where items removed would not be synced to other players
  • a potential null reference when fetching storage inventory and exiting to the main menu
  • Bail out as fast as possible from checking all storage for enough inventory items for a recipe

Released on 2021-07-28

Version 1.1.0Up to date

Added support for Auto Recipe Redux

  • Fuel will be pulled from storage (planks)
  • The red marking for missing ingredients will look in storage
  • items will be removed from storage

Released on 2021-07-10

Version 1.0.1Up to date

Fixed an issue removing items from storage when building with the hammer Patch RemoveCostMultiple instead of CraftItem and OnQuickCraft - Thanks Aidanamite

Released on 2021-07-09

Version 1.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-07-08