Crowd Control Support

This mod is designed for use with Crowd Control


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This mod is the official support for using Crowd Control in Raft.

Usage Notes

In order to use the mod you will need to have the Crowd Control Client running the whole time.

The mod will attempt to connect to the crowd control client when the mod is first loaded or when you run the reconnectCrowdControl command in the RML console (open with F10, also note: command capitalization is important).

The world host MUST have this mod installed for it to work for anyone.

Crowd Control Info

Twitch interactive gaming on a whole new level! Crowd Control allows your viewers to convert bits, subs and channel points to coins, in exchange for effects. Check out for more info.

In addition to the Raft Mod Loader and this mod, you will also need the Crowd Control Twitch extension and Crowd Control desktop app. Take a look at our Twitch extension setup here: and the game connection and setup here:

Content Info

Some effects include:

  • Change Wind Direction
  • Increase Raft Speed
  • Reduce Movement Speed
  • Spawn a Random Shark
  • Give Random Food Item
  • Reduce Gravity
  • Change Time
  • and many many more!

These effects will work in both single player and multiplayer and can have multiple streams triggering the effects!

Feel free to reach out in our discord for any questions, comments or suggestions.


This mod requires all players to have the mod installed regardless of whether or not they connect a crowd control client. All players in the world can connect a crowd control client and have events triggered

Loading the mod

This mod can be loaded and unloaded any time, expect when in a multiplayer


Coder: Aidanamite (me)

Commission and Concept: Crowd Control Team

Description last changed on 2024-03-07