Dissociation Dissimulation

Wearing an animal's head will prevent aggression


Version 1.0.5LatestUp to date
  • Added an option to make the animals only ignore you when outside a certain range (this option is only available through the Extra Settings API)

Released on 2021-12-23

Version 1.0.3Up to date
  • Fixed a bug causing some animals to not function correctly

Released on 2021-08-02

Version 1.0.2Up to date
  • Fixed a mistake in the 1.0.1 hotfix

Released on 2021-05-29

Version 1.0.1Untested
  • Fixed animals not ignoring players other than the host

Released on 2021-05-26

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-04-27