Easy Interactions

Allows controlling various panels and objects using keyboard


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Instead of being able to push the buttons on the panel like normal, interacting with the respective object will instead switch you into control mode. For all objects, exiting the control mode is done with the Interact button (Usually E).

All controls should also work with a controller but I have not tested that

The crane controls are as follows:

  • The crane movement is controlled by the movement controls (Forwards, backwards, strafe left and strafe right)
  • Picking up/putting down a box is done with the Jump button (Usually spacebar)

The receiver controls are as follows:

  • Increase and decrease number with forwards and backwards keys respectively
  • Switch selected number with strafe right key. (This is the same as flicking the lever, also strafe left will not do anything)

The steering wheel controls are as follows:

  • Pressing forwards will:
  • Raise stationary anchors
    • Turn on and change direction of motors to go the direction the wheel is facing (or turn off motors if the point perpendicular to the wheel)
    • Open and turn sails towards the direction the wheel is facing
  • Pressing backwards will do the same as forwards except setting things to go in the opposite direction the wheel is facing
  • You can turn the steering wheel left and right using strafe left and strafe right respectively
  • You can turn off all engines and close all sails with the Sprint button (Usually shift)
  • You can drop all anchors using the Jump button (Usually spacebar)
  • Additional Note: Controllable objects need to be within interaction distance for you to be able to control them. (a multiplier can be set for this using the Extra Settings API)
    • The only exception to this is if you have a engine control within interaction distance you can control engines and advanced anchors at any distance


This mod should be fully multiplayer compatible. Also it does not require all players to have the mod installed, however only players with the mod installed can enter control mode and players without the mod will still have to use the normal buttons to control it

Loading the mod

This mod should be loaded and unloaded anytime.

Description last changed on 2024-03-07