Electricity Mod

Adds electrical versions of a couple of base game items


banner for the Electricity Mod mod

This mod adds 2 new items:

  • Electric Engine The recipe for this engine is unlocked in the research table when you pickup the engine blueprint. Cost:
    • 7 Metal Ingot
    • 5 Rope
    • 3 Circuit Board
    • 25 Plank
    • 2 Copper Ingot
  • Electric Cookingpot The recipe for this is available in the research table at the start. Cost:
    • 8 Plank
    • 8 Plastic
    • 3 Metal Ingot
    • 2 Bolt
    • 5 Vine Goo
    • 2 Circuit Board

Both of these behave the same as the base game versions except instead of accepting fuel, they have a battery slot in front


This mod requires all players to have it installed. Despite having not tested it myself, this mod should be fully multiplayer compatible. If you experience any issues feel free to contact me on the Raft Modding discord server

Loading the mod

This mod can only be loaded on the main menu and while it can be unloaded it world, it cannot be unloaded while in a multiplayer. Unloading the mod in world will destroy all blocks and items from the mod.

Description last changed on 2024-03-07