Full Recycling

Allows you to get your all resources back from most building and crafting


banner for the Full Recycling mod

This mod has 2 features:

  • Breaking raft pieces with an axe now gives 100% of your items back instead of only giving 50%
  • The crafting menu now has a "Uncraft" button that will convert a crafted item back to it's components

Uncraft Details

When using the uncraft button, if the item has lost durability then you will only get some of the items back, the amount of items you get back is equivalent to the item's remaining durability as a percentage.

Also when a recipe could have been crafted with a variety of different items, the mod will pick which items to give you back. The method it uses for picking the items is random by default but can be configured using the Extra Settings API. The available methods are as follows:

  • Random = literally just picks the items randomly
  • First = always gives the first of the possible items (this is often the most common of the items)
  • Last = always gives the last of the possible items (this is often the most rare of the items)
  • Random (Skewed First) = picks a random item but items closer to the start of the list are more likely
  • Random (Skewed Last) = picks a random item but items closer to the end of the list are more likely

By default the uncraft button appears to the right of the craft button but can be changed to underneath the craft button in the settings


This mod should be fully compatible with multiplayer and does not require any other players to have it installed

Loading the mod

This mod can only be loaded/unloaded on the main menu

Description last changed on 2024-03-07