The Garbage Sucker sucks the garbage out of the ocean and puts it into neaby chests.


banner for the GarbageSucker mod

This mod adds a new Block to the game, the "Garbage Sucker" it spins its spinner so fast, that it sucks the items from the net below.

How to use it:

  • You have to craft it first, it pretty expensive, so you probably wont be able to place it on every net you have. You can find the item in the Tools category.
  • after you crafted it, place it on your net
  • to make it work you have to place a battery on top of it, and storage next to itenter image description here

known issues:

  • Can't be placed on a single net (need to have 2 nets next to each other)
  • when holding a Garbage Sucker in your hand while removing one, it duplicates


To use the Garbage Sucker effectively, i recommend you to install the following mods:

  • More Storages So you have plenty of room for your new items!
  • Solar Panel because you don't want to craft a new battery once the one in use is empty, right?

Description last changed on 2020-10-31