Item Spawner

ItemSpawner allows you to spawn items, animals or landmarks with a nice Menu.


Version 4.5LatestUntested
  • Fixed Update Checker

Released on 2020-01-21

Version 4.4Untested
  • Animals that can't spawn on your raft normally such as bear, rats etc are now blocked when you are on your raft.
  • Added a "Clear Landmarks" button.
  • Islands now spawn far away from your raft to prevent them spawing on top of you.
  • Islands that are in the game but can't be spawned now show a notification.

Released on 2020-01-21

Version 4.3Untested

Added Update 10 support.

Released on 2020-01-12

Version 4.2Untested
  • Fixed a problem with the assetbundle.

Released on 2019-12-30

Version 4.1Untested
  • Added ability to close the menu with ESCAPE.
  • Added a clear landmarks button to remove all spawned islands.
  • Included the assets into the file. The mod will now work in offline mode.

Released on 2020-01-02

Version 4.0Untested
  • Added support for update checking.
  • Fixed many problems due to the latest raft version.

Released on 2020-01-02

Version 3.5-staging
  • Updated to latest raft version (Staging)
  • Added Boat landmark spawn button

Released on 2020-01-17

Version 3.5
  • Fixed island spawning.
  • Added restriction from spawning animals/islands when you aren't the party host.

Released on 2020-01-02

Version 3.1-cs
  • Updated to .cs mod type.

Released on 2020-01-01

Version 3.1
  • Added a more convenient UI.

Released on 2020-01-08

Version 2.0.1

Empty changelog.

Released on 2020-01-02