TeKGameR950's mods

banner image for the Item Spawner mod
Item Spawner by TeKGameR950

ItemSpawner allows you to spawn items, animals and islands/landmarks with a nice Menu.

banner image for the NoShimmer mod
NoShimmer by TeKGameR950

This mod eliminates shimmering effects on interactable items. Keep in mind it will be making object identification harder.

banner image for the Solar Panel mod
Solar Panel by TeKGameR950

Allows you to recharge your batteries during daytime!

banner image for the Cinema Mod mod
Cinema Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds screens into Raft! You can watch Youtube videos, Soon twitch streams. It has custom sounds, custom blocks, custom items and way more!

banner image for the Weapons Mod (Alpha) mod
Weapons Mod (Alpha) by TeKGameR950

WeaponsMod adds pistols, rifles, shotguns, dynamite, smoke grenades & more into raft!

banner image for the Furniture Mod mod
Furniture Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds more than 100 new blocks to decorate your raft!

banner image for the WorldEditor mod
WorldEditor by TeKGameR950

Allows you to change block's position & rotation & allows you to spawn trees on your raft

banner image for the More Storages mod
More Storages by TeKGameR950

Adds more storages to the game, including bigger ones.

banner image for the Paint Everything mod
Paint Everything by TeKGameR950

Automatically detects not paintable blocks and make them paintable!

banner image for the Old Breath Meter mod
Old Breath Meter by TeKGameR950

Brings back the old breath meter from before the final chapter.

banner image for the TeK's Admin Tool mod
TeK's Admin Tool by TeKGameR950

TeK's Admin Tool adds a nice menu to manage your players easily and protect your raft from basic griefing!

banner image for the Server Storage mod
Server Storage by TeKGameR950

ServerStorage adds a server storage unit to your raft world which has more than 300 slots to store items and has a search bar, its a massive storage unit, however it requires some power to be opened.

banner image for the Character Unlocker mod
Character Unlocker by TeKGameR950

This mod unlocks every characters. You'll be able to instantly play with any of them.

banner image for the PlayerCompass mod
PlayerCompass by TeKGameR950

Adds a compass at the top of your screen to locate your friends more easily

banner image for the HandGathering mod
HandGathering by TeKGameR950

Allows you to pick up items with your hands instead of your hook.

banner image for the Dab Mod mod
Dab Mod by TeKGameR950

This mod literally allows you to dab with your friends! Fully multiplayer compatible!

banner image for the KUtility mod
KUtility by TeKGameR950

Add many utilities in a Sexy UI! (NoFood, NoThirst, GodMode, StableRaft, ForceAnchor etc)

banner image for the Hats Mod mod
Hats Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds dozens of wearable cosmetic hats the player can acquire. Hats will randomly spawn in the water.

banner image for the BetterFPS mod
BetterFPS by TeKGameR950

Easily increase your FPS!

banner image for the Better Item Drops mod
Better Item Drops by TeKGameR950

Adds better item drops to the game by adding an icon, the amount and adding a new cardbox model!

banner image for the DragonSeagulls mod
DragonSeagulls by TeKGameR950

Replace seagulls by DRAGONS! 4 Different Colors!

banner image for the Death Stranding Backpack mod
Death Stranding Backpack by TeKGameR950

This mod adds a backpack similar to the game "Death Stranding", it allows you to see other player's inventory.

banner image for the UIScaler mod
UIScaler by TeKGameR950

Scale the game UI to fit your screen.

banner image for the Turn Your Raft mod
Turn Your Raft by TeKGameR950

TurnYourRaft allows you to use the paddle with arrow keys to rotate your raft.

banner image for the SimpleFlashlight mod
SimpleFlashlight by TeKGameR950

SimpleFlashlight allows you to toggle a portable flashlight using the key F like in Garry's Mod.

banner image for the NoFog mod
NoFog by TeKGameR950

Removes the fog and adds an infinite render distance command.

banner image for the Raft On Sand mod
Raft On Sand by TeKGameR950

Raft... on sand!

banner image for the Better Bows mod
Better Bows by TeKGameR950

This mod adds 3 new bows and will later add new arrows! This mod has been made for our $15 patron TaDeNight

banner image for the PassiveSharks mod
PassiveSharks by TeKGameR950

Make all sharks passive.

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