Minimap with markers that you can zoom and drag!


banner for the Minimap mod

Requires Extra Settings API mod to work properly

  • To zoom in/out default keybinds are +/- and +/- on Numpad.
  • To drag minimap press M (default keybind) and move mouse.
  • You can customize the location of the minimap: in the upper left corner or in the upper right corner.
  • You can adjust how high above 0 level minimap camera will draw things (setting "Minimap Render Near Clip"): If you want to draw max 50 units above player then set slider to 50. This can be helpful to clip Tangaroa's dome. Slider's value can be between -100 and 200 (200 default).
  • You can adjust zoom speed (0% - 500%).
  • You can disable/enable minimap markers.
  • You can disable/enable cave mod. If cave mod is enabled then minimap camera will clip 1 unit above player and 2 units below. Very helpful for Tangaroa's tunnels.
All settings are in Mod tab provided by Extra Settings API mod.

  • Red - Enemies (They will attack you if you're in range)
  • Yellow - Neutrals (All domestic animals + bees)
  • Blue - Shark
  • Green - Players



Description last changed on 2021-05-06