Electricity Mod

Adds some new electricity items to the game!


banner for the Electricity Mod mod

Electricity Mod

Version 2.2 By: Derek

This mod adds three new items. A windmill, electric engine and electric grill. The windmill will recharge batteries and the electric grill will cook items with the power from a battery, and the electric engine is like a normal one but uses the power from a battery.

Features: Fully Multiplayer compatible - Mostly tested, if you find a bug, let me know and ill fix! Saves - If you leave a potato on the grill, it will be ready when you play again. Same go for batteries left in objects.

Future: In the future I plan on adding more content, such as a desalination plant that could purify water and pump it automatically into sprinklers, and more. If you have any ideas message me on discord @ derek#3074

Credits: TeK - Made the awesome banner! Curtis - Monke Marvin and Bloodsinister - Tested Multiplayer

Screenshots Electric Engine


Electric Grill

Description last changed on 2020-10-23