Allows you to create Modpacks you can share with your friends or load as it were a launcher profile. You can also create custom mod profiles for your worlds


Version 1.3LatestUp to date
  • Complete code rework
  • Now integrated into the UI of the Raft Mod Loader (in the navigation bar on the left)
  • A bit more user friendly UI
  • Download public modpacks or submit your own. Check the github release page or the mod description.

Released on 2022-08-07

Version 1.2.2Up to date
  • Disabled mod profiles until it's fully fixed as it caused too many bugs

Released on 2022-07-25

Version 1.2.1Up to date
  • Fixed a bug where the hooked UI didn't reload when getting back to the main menu

To-do: Fix force permanent mod unload. Will work on getting rid of the error "another assetbundle with the same name is already loaded".

Check the new Mod profiles out if you haven't done so already ;)

Released on 2022-07-21

Version 1.2Up to date

Here you go with a long expected update ;)

Now we got MOD PROFILES!!! For every world you can now select the mods you wanna use in that world. The mods will be loaded when you create and load the world. The interface is fully integrated in the UI of Raft so you don't need to find hotkeys or annoying stuff like that!

And it's easy to use ;)

Just click on the new "Select mods" button that is usually in the bottom right of the world loading and creating window. In the window that will pop up, tick the mods you want to use and click apply. The apply process will unload and load the mods required. If you are unhappy with the your new selection, just click cancel ;)

Also once you select a world in the loading screen, will unload and load the mods required.

NOTE: This feature may still contain bugs especially when trying to force unload permanent mods. Sometimes errors from reloaded mods may popup in the console. I will try to enhance this process but I will never be able to fully control the behaviour of other mods. However this should work for most of the mods still.

For the modpacks itself:

  • Bugfixing
  • Wrong modinfo.json read by compiler

Released on 2022-07-20

Version 1.1Up to date
  • Bugfixing (The thing with the quitbutton that couldn't be pressed)
  • Loading information is more user friendly. Got this little notification in the bottom right…

Released on 2022-06-28

Version 1.0.1Up to date
  • Just saw the wrong that the version compatibility wasn't set right

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-06-22