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FranzFischer78's mods

banner image for the Island Items mod
Island Items by FranzFischer78

Display remaining items on an island.

banner image for the Custom Islands mod
Custom Islands by FranzFischer78

Allows you to create and spawn your own custom islands in-game

banner image for the Modpacks mod
Modpacks by FranzFischer78

Allows you to create Modpacks you can share with your friends or load as it were a launcher profile. You can also create custom mod profiles for your worlds

banner image for the ModUpdater mod
ModUpdater by FranzFischer78

Allows you to update your mods ingame

banner image for the AltTabNoSound mod
AltTabNoSound by FranzFischer78

This mod disables the annoying music when alt+tabbing out of the game

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