More Building

Adds several new block varients to the building hammer


banner for the More Building mod

IMPORTANT: this mod requires Mod Utils to also be installed

This mod adds 3 new building materials and the new material variants for most of the blocks in the building hammer. These are Glass, Metal and Scrap Metal pieces.

There are Metal and Scrap Metal version of every block in the building hammer but there are some blocks like stairs that do not have Glass versions


This mod requires all players to have it installed. Despite having not tested it myself, this mod should be fully multiplayer compatible. If you experience any issues feel free to contact me on the Raft Modding discord server

Loading the Mod

This mod can be loaded or unloaded anytime except while you're in a multiplayer. However it is recommended to load/unload on the main menu to avoid potential issues or bugs. Unloading the mod in world will destroy all blocks and items from the mod.

Additional Info

This mod acts partially as an extended version of the Glass Walls mod by Boebie. Because the glass blocks in this mod use the same ids as the original mod, you CANNOT have both mods installed at the same time. However, when you switch from the original to this mod, the old blocks will be replaced with the new versions from this mod

Description last changed on 2024-03-07