More Trash Redux

Increases the trash flow


Version 1.0.9LatestUp to date
  • Reduced log messages that show when "toggleMoreTrashReduxLogging" is not used
  • Added the command "iteminterval" which can also be used to set the spawn multiplier (this does NOT save without the Extra Settings API)

Released on 2022-09-19

Version 1.0.8Up to date
  • Trying again to fix the issue with the settings not working

Released on 2022-07-15

Version 1.0.7Up to date
  • Added a command to log a bunch of information about what the mod is doing

Released on 2022-07-07

Version 1.0.6Up to date
  • Slight change to error info
  • Changed the code for Update 1.0

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.0.5Up to date
  • Changed the delay multiplier inputs to be insensitive about which decimal symbol is used

Released on 2022-06-19

Version 1.0.4Untested
  • Changed the delay sliders to text inputs

Released on 2022-06-01

Version 1.0.3Untested
  • Fixed delayed spawn rate change

Released on 2021-06-25

Version 1.0.1Untested
  • Fixed for Renovation Update

Released on 2021-06-21

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-03-16