Raft Blueprint

Allows you to save and load rafts as files


banner for the Raft Blueprint mod

This mod allows you to save a raft as a file that can then be loaded into either the same or another world.

How to use the mod

  • Commands:
    • "saveRaft {name}" - Saves a raft under the specified name
    • "loadRaft {name}" - Loads the raft saved under the specified name (Case sensitive)
    • "loadRaft2 {name}" - Loads the raft saved under the specified name without replacing the current raft (Case sensitive)
    • "rotateRaft {steps}" - Rotates the raft clockwise by the number of steps (1 = 90°, 2 = 180°, 3 = 270°)
    • "moveRaft {x} {z}" - Offsets the raft's blocks by the amounts specified
  • Alternatively, you can use the Extra Settings API to do all of this without commands.
    • The dropdown menu can be used for selecting the raft to load when using one of the 2 "Load Raft" buttons below it
    • The "Save Raft Name" input can be used to specify the name to save a raft under when using the "Save Raft" button (If the input is left blank the raft will be saved under the world's name)
    • The "Browse" button will open the folder where your raft's are saved.
      • If you want to add a raft someone has sent you, then put it in this folder.
      • You can also rename rafts by simply renaming the raft's file.
    • The "X Axis: Move Raft" button will move the raft along the X axis by the amount set on the "Amount" slider
    • The "Y Axis: Move Raft" button will move the raft along the Y axis by the amount set on the "Amount" slider
    • The "Rotate Raft" button will rotate the raft by 90° clockwise, multiplied by the amount set on the "Amount" slider

Extra Notes:

  • As the mod is it does not cost resources to load a raft but you do NOT get any resources from a raft being replaced either
  • Only the raft should be affected by a load, meaning items in your inventory should remain
  • The raft modification functions in this mod (loading, moving, rotating) cannot be used while other players are in the world
  • In a multiplayer game, any player can save the raft. (please don't steal people's builds and claim them as your own)
  • I recommend not being too close to something when modifying a raft as it may cause the raft to become stuck
  • I have implemented a system that should prevent the need to worry about your position when loading a raft
  • The rafts are currently saved in C:\Users\<YOUR_USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\User\User_<YOUR_STEAM_ID>\raftBlueprints

Public Raft Blueprints:

  • You can see published rafts here
  • You can submit a raft to be published here

Things that might be added later

  • Optional raft load cost: this one is unlikely to be added due
  • Multiplayer compatibility.
    • Allowing a client to request a raft of theirs to be loaded: The host can choose whether or not to accept the request.
  • Allow setting an offset to where the raft loads: As the mod is it maintains the relative position of the blocks to the "center" of the raft
  • Add confirmation dialog to loading a raft

Description last changed on 2021-05-22