Raft Blueprint

Allows you to save and load rafts as files


banner for the Raft Blueprint mod

This mod allows you to save a raft as a file that can then be loaded into either the same or another world.

How to use the mod

  • There are 2 commands: "saveRaft" and "loadRaft"
  • Both commands take a single parameter that is the name to save a raft to or to load a raft from
  • Alternatively, you can use the Extra Settings API. This mod adds 3 buttons and a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu has a list of the saved rafts. One button saves the current raft under the worlds name. Another button loads the raft that is selected in the dropdown menu. The last button opens the folder where the rafts are stored.
    • If you want to add a raft someone has sent you, then put it in this folder.
    • You can also rename rafts by simply renaming the raft's file.

Extra Notes:

  • Loading a raft will replace the world's current raft
  • As the mod is it does not cost resources to load a raft but you do NOT get any resources from the raft that was replaced either
  • Only the raft should be affected by a load, meaning items in your inventory should remain
  • I have designed this mod to work in multiplayer, but have only confirmed singleplayer
  • In a multiplayer game, any player can save the raft but only the host can load a raft. (please don't steal people's builds and claim them as your own)
  • I recommend not being too close to something when loading a raft as it may cause the raft to become stuck
  • I have implemented a system that should prevent the need to worry about player positions when loading a raft
  • The rafts are currently saved in C:\Users\<YOUR_USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\User\User_<YOUR_STEAM_ID>\raftBlueprints

Things that might be added later

  • Optional raft load cost: this one is unlikely to be added due
  • Allowing a client to request a raft of theirs to be loaded: The host can choose whether or not to accept the request.
  • Allow setting an offset to where the raft loads: As the mod is it maintains the relative position of the blocks to the "center" of the raft
  • Add confirmation dialog to loading a raft
  • Allow you to set a name for a raft saved using the Settings API

Description last changed on 2021-03-22