Allows snowmobiles to work on the raft


banner for the Raftmobile mod

Just load the mod and it should work

This mod allows snowmobiles to be drivable on the raft. You can get a snowmobile by either stealing them from Temperance or building a Snowmobile Station on the raft. Snowmobiles stolen from temperance will not persist through saves if you're too far away from the island so if you want to keep your snowmobile you'll probably want to build a station.

You can also reset a snowmobile back to its station by hold X on the snowmobile or holding E on the station

The snowmobile station's crafting recipe is available at the start of the game in the research table.


A snowmobile can be driven on the raft by any player with the mod installed regardless of who does or doesn't have it installed as well. However the host must have the mod installed for the mobile to stay on the raft while no-one is controlling it or to be able to build the snowmobile station. If the host has the mod installed then all players are required to also have the mod.

Loading the mod

This mod can only be loaded/unloaded while not in a multiplayer.


  • unloading the mod in world will destroy all placed snowmobile stations
  • if you load the mod in world you won't have the recipe for the snowmobile station until you reload the world

Description last changed on 2024-03-07