A virtual reality mod for Raft featuring motion controls and multiplayer compatibility.


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Play Raft in virtual reality!

Can be played with any SteamVR compatible headsets. Can also be played with Quest headsets if connected to your PC. Read the install instructions carefully to play. For support questions, you can contact me in the Flatscreen to VR Discord server. If you wanna support my work and get access to major updates early, you can visit my Patreon.

This is for VR users only! If you are not playing in VR and want to see your VR friends move their arms and head, get the flatscreen edition of this mod.

How to install

  1. Download and install the mod loader.
  2. Make sure the mod loader is working by pressing "Play". A mod menu should appear as you reach the main menu. After that, close the game.
  3. Install the Extra Settings API mod.
  4. Install RaftVR with the "Install mod" button or download the file directly with "Download this mod" to drag it into the mods folder.
  5. Press "Play" in the mod loader. This won't start the game in VR since the mod needs to apply some patches first. This may happen again after updating the mod.
  6. In the mod menu, go to the "Mod manager" tab and load Extra Settings API by clicking the plug button.
  7. Check the option to load Extra Settings API on startup by clicking the "i" button and checking "Load this mod at startup".
  8. Close the mod menu. A dialog box should ask you to choose between "Oculus" and "SteamVR" as your preferred runtime.
  9. Proceed through the options asked by the dialog box, then close the game.
  10. Open SteamVR/Oculus, put on your headset and press "Play" in the mod loader to start playing in VR.
  11. For a better experience, it is recommended to enable the toggle sprint setting in the controls tab and the motion sickness mode setting in the general tab.

Default binds

Oculus Touch/Reverb G2/Vive Cosmos controllers

Index Knuckles

Vive wands

WMR controllers


Will I get motion sick?

If you know that you get motion sick from playing certain games, it's possible that playing this mod will make you motion sick as well. The mod comes with comfort settings like snap turn and more settings are on their way, like teleport locomotion. There is also a motion sickness setting in the general tab to calm the waves.

Can I play in multiplayer with flatscreen friends?

Yes! The mod is fully client-side and is not required for other players.

Will my friends see me move my arms around?

Yes! You can see other VR players move their arms and head. If your friends are not playing in VR, they can install the flatscreen version of this mod.

I am having issues with the mod.

The best way to contact me for support is through the Flatscreen to VR Discord server. Grab the Raft role to unlock the RaftVR support channel. You can also just ping me @DrBibop in the Raft Modding server.

I chose the wrong runtime when setting up the mod and I want to change it.

If the runtime you chose won't allow you to play in VR and access the settings, you can change it manually by opening your Raft installation directory and editing the "VRRUNTIME.txt" file. To easily find this directory, you can right click the game on Steam and click "Manage" > "Browse local files". In that folder, open "VRRUNTIME.txt" with your favorite text editor and replace the text with either "oculus" or "steamvr" then save.

Description last changed on 2024-01-06