A virtual reality mod for Raft featuring motion controls and multiplayer compatibility.


Version 1.1.0LatestUp to date


  • Visible arms and head movement on VR players in multiplayer.
  • The full body is now visible. This can be turned off in the settings.
  • New immersive bow system. This can also be turned off.
  • New UI scale setting.
  • Axes and melee weapons now need to exit the target's hitbox in order to hit again.
  • Repeat snap turns by holding a direction. The delay can be adjusted in the settings.
  • Slightly longer interaction range.
  • Slightly longer hold time needed for holdable buttons.
  • Slightly increased grip threshold on Index controllers.
  • The debug console can now be seen in VR when opened.


  • Fixed the craft menu in creative mode that had unreachable buttons.
  • Fixed melee weapons losing durability when hitting players while friendly fire was off.
  • Fixed certain errors with other mods.

The mod now uses a better way to load some required libraries. If you want to, you can delete the now unused folder which you can find at %appdata%/RaftVR

Released on 2023-01-30

Version 1.0.0Up to date

Version string fix

Released on 2022-11-17

Version v1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-09-17