Random Animal Spawn

Spawns random types of animals when discovering a large island.


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General Stuff

This mod aims at giving a better experience while visiting large islands by spawning random animals, aggressive or tamable.

The mod is delivered as is.

Mama Bear and Rats are excluded of the random spawn lists, the former has obvious reasons (too much HP, only spawn once, gets stuck into the floor) and the latter almost always acts 'neutral' or is bugged within the floor.

DANGER I do not take responsibility for you being overwhelmed by agressive animals on islands. You need to examine what has spawned and evaluate if you are able to go or not. YOU MAY ENCOUNTER ISLANDS WITH MANY PIGS OR STONE BIRDS OR EVEN TONS OF PUFFER FISHES. I have tried to limit the randomness so that it doesn't look impossible

Now you are aware of the danger of this mod…. let's go to the meat!

The Meat

  • Llama, Goat, Chicken, Boar, Bear, Pig, Caravan Stone Bird, Stone Bird, Bees, Puffer Fish and Seagulls may spawn with this mod.
  • There is a random chance to spawn an random amount of seagulls when visiting a large island.
  • Animals that spawns on the island replace entities that should already spawn. This depletes the island of some useful resources namely food and flowers. Seagulls do not replace any, they just spawn.
  • Puffer fishes may spawn randomly around the island replacing either Stone, Sand or Clay.
  • Scarecrows only take damage 1/3 of the time chosen randomly, so it may last, or not. This is to counter-balance the amount of seagulls…
  • The amount of animals that spawn depends of the difficulty level. A "Easy" game will spawn animals less often and in lesser quantities than a game played in "Hard" mode.
  • Maximum number of seagull is now 4 in a Easy game, 8 in a Normal game and 20 in a Hard game.
  • Seagulls now behave differently. Their stats are shuffled. Namely, their player sight range, flyspeed, delay to find a cropplot or nest and the speed at which they successfully destroy your crop are all randomized. They scale with the game difficulty mode.
  • Seagulls now find random target crop plots and nests. Having more nests increases the chance to choose a nest over a crop plot.
  • Animals that spawn are part of Groups. Only one group of animal spawns at once reducing the amount of stonebirds that could spawn on each island. A group may look like this : (LLama, Goat, Bear, Boar) so only these types can spawn for that island. The group is chosen at random :)
  • There is a delay of 10 seconds between each possible spawn cycle. This was to prevent a bug. This means that spawning islands with ItemSpawner in a fast manner will only spawn animals once every 10 seconds at most.
  • There is an island with …… wait …. I shouldn't tell anyone ….

Known Issue

Using ItemSpawner to spawn islands will work fine, but once you exit/load the game, spawning another island will leave existing spawned animals in the air. My concern is that the animals aren't ''tracked'' by the island anymore and thus, removing the island doesn't remove the animals. Seagulls fly at a predefined height and will not adjust to the height of the raft.


I think the mod can really make things harder at times, or very easy for some other things (meat and feather supply). I only aim to make the mod fun rather than perfectly balanced. Also, it may happen that the number of seagulls will force you to kill most of them in a tedious manner before moving on. I know that, I like that, I don't plan on changing anything about it.

Description last changed on 2021-10-05