Random Animal Spawn

Spawns random types of animals when discovering a large island.


Version 1.2.2LatestUntested

Fixed a bug in multiplayer : guest players should now see the correct amount of seagulls

Reloading a game will correctly load the game for everyone with the right amount of current seagulls.

Released on 2021-10-07

Version 1.2.1Untested

Bugs Fixed :

  • Fixed a bug with seagulls reaching heights of over 5000. (they flew very high in the sky for a while)
  • Fixed an issue with seagulls being spawned far far far away from the raft after loading a game. Workaround : Now seagulls will catchup to the raft very quickly if they are out of line of sight (over 350 in distance).

Mod changes :

  • Seagulls stats scale with difficulty (speed, player sight range, dive interval and crop eating speed)
  • Easy difficulty can now have up to 4 seagulls at once.
  • Seagulls now have 30% chance to choose to sit in a bird's nest over eating a crop plot. The chances can be increased up to 65% by adding more bird's nests onto your raft. To reach 65%, you need 5 bird's nests on Easy difficulty, 9 on Normal difficulty and 21 on Hard difficulty (or 1 more than the maximum number of seagulls allowed by this mod with your current difficulty setting).
  • Puffer fishes won't replace any scrap anymore. This is a personal choice so that it does not interfere with Aidanamite's mod 'Altered Island Generation' which replaces some scraps with plastics.
  • Greatly increased the chance for the special island to spawn :)

Known bug :

  • Seagulls will always hover your raft calculated from the bottom of the raft and at the same average height (18-24). You won't notice it unless your raft is very high and/or very big. This is something I want to fix.

Released on 2021-10-05

Version 1.2.0Untested

version check again

Released on 2021-10-02

Version v1.2.0Untested

Fixed version issue.

Released on 2021-10-02

Version v1.1.0Untested


  • Now only checks for the 4 types of large islands, boat island and pilot island.
  • Fixed massive spawning on boat and plane island.
  • other islands can't spawn additional animals.
  • Removed Debug.Log info about what is going to spawn.

Released on 2021-02-18

Version v1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-02-17