Recursive Placement

Allows you to place a line of objects


banner for the Recursive Placement mod

IMPORTANT: This mod requires the Extra Settings API.

How To Use

  • To start placement, hold the placement key. (default: B)
  • While holding the placement key, you will see a line of the placing object being drawn from the start point to where you are currently aiming.
  • Holding sprint while placing will make the line cling to the nearest axes
  • Upon releasing the placement key, the shown objects will try and place.

You can also lock placement to an existing block by holding the lock key (default: J)

Extra Info

  • This mod should be compatible with modded objects
  • You can add additional distance to the objects being placed in the settings


This mod should be fully multiplayer compatible, however only players with the mod installed will be able to use the recursive placement feature but other players will still see the placed blocks

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at any time

Description last changed on 2024-03-07