Remove Evil Animals

Removes enemies from game.


banner for the Remove Evil Animals mod

Note: To use this mod you have to install Extra Settings API mod!!

This mod removes enemies from the game.

If you found any bug, contact with me on discord: KUNGERMOoN#8539

How to install this mod:

  1. Install Raft Mod Loader (tutorial)

  2. Click the green "Install mod" button

  3. If you see "Open URL:Raft Mod Loader?" window , select the checkbox and click "Open URL:Raft Mod Loader" button.

  4. In the mod installation window, select green "Yes, Install it!" button.

  5. Click "OK"

  6. Go to and repeat steps 2-5 to install Extra Settings API mod

  7. Launch RMLLoader.exe and click "Play" to play raft with mods

  8. You will see the mod loader window. (if you don't see it, try pressing F9 on your keyboard. If it still doesn't show up, mod loader might have broken - try exiting Raft and repeating the latest step) Navigate to "Mod manager" tab, click "more information" icon next to Remove Evil Animals mod, and make sure that "Load this mod at startup" checbox is selected. Now close that mod window.

  9. Do the same things for Extra Settings API mod

  10. Click "Load selected mods" button, and close Raft Mod Loader window (you can always open it by pressing F9 button)

  11. To use the mod, open settings and go to "Mods" tab. There, you can change Remove Evil Animals Mod settings:

    Remove Bears

    Bees deals damage (if you turn this on, bees will attack you)

    Remove Bulter Bots

    Remove Lukers/Rats

    Remove Poison-Puffers (Poison-Puffers are the only source of explosive goo, so if you turn this setting on, I highly recommend installing "Craftable Explosive Goo" mod)

    Remove Screecher

    Remove Seagulls

    Remove Sharks

    Remove Warthogs

    Remove Mudhogs / Pigs

  12. Close settings window to save your mod settings

  13. Play Raft and have fun


Description last changed on 2022-06-04