Scattered Remains

Makes the player drop their items on respawn


banner for the Scattered Remains mod


This mod has some small settings that can be changed using commands:

  • setDeathDropChance Usage: setDeathDropChance {value} Description: Changes the chance of items dropping when you respawn Valid Values: 1 to 0, allows decimals (default: 1) Examples: setDeathDropChance 1 - Sets chance to 100% setDeathDropChance 0.2 - Sets chance to 20% setDeathDropChance 0 - Sets chance to 0%
  • setAlwaysDropSpecial Usage: setAlwaysDropSpecial {true|false} Description: Sets weither or not "special" items such as equipment and placeables should be dropped regardless of drop chance Valid Values: true, false, yes, no (default: false)

Alternatively: Settings can also be configured in the game settings if you have the Extra Settings API mod installed

Items will be dropped at/near the location the player was when they respawned. If items are not there they may have despawned

Note: the mod may have an incompatibility with the gravestone mod. Having both mods installed seems to sometimes cause other players to be unable to see your dropped items


This mod is fully multiplayer compatible but only players with the mod installed will drop their items but all players (even those without the mod) can see the dropped items

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at any time

Description last changed on 2024-03-07