Scattered Remains

Makes the player drop their items on respawn


banner for the Scattered Remains mod

This mod has some small settings that can be changed using commands:

  • setDeathDropChance Usage: setDeathDropChance {value} Description: Changes the chance of items dropping when you respawn Valid Values: 1 to 0, allows decimals (default: 1) Examples: setDeathDropChance 1 - Sets chance to 100% setDeathDropChance 0.2 - Sets chance to 20% setDeathDropChance 0 - Sets chance to 0%
  • setAlwaysDropSpecial Usage: setAlwaysDropSpecial {true|false} Description: Sets weither or not "special" items such as equipment and placeables should be dropped regardless of drop chance Valid Values: true, false, yes, no (default: false)

Alternatively: Settings can also be configured in the game settings if you have the Extra Settings API mod installed

Items will be dropped at/near the location the player was when they respawned. If items are not there they may have despawned

Description last changed on 2021-03-14