Settings Template

Just a template/demonstration of how to use the Extra Settings API mod


Version 1.2.1LatestUp to date
  • Corrected a mistake in the syntax of the example load event

Released on 2021-04-04

Version 1.2.0Up to date
  • Updated with new features from the 1.5.0 update for the Extra Settings API
  • Major rewrite of the modinfo.json file to simplify explanations

Released on 2021-03-21

Version 1.1.8Up to date
  • Added a comment to the modinfo.json
  • Modified a comment in the main cs file

Released on 2021-03-17

Version 1.1.7Up to date

Released on 2021-03-15

Version 1.1.6Up to date
  • Added examples for the new feature added in the Extra Settings API 1.2.5 update
  • Corrected several comments about various method's usage

Released on 2021-03-14

Version 1.1.1Up to date
  • Corrected Keybind configuration in JSON. The way to set default values was incorrectly listed

Released on 2021-03-14

Version 1.1.0Up to date
  • Updated with new features from API version 1.2.0

Released on 2021-03-14

Version 1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-03-13