Shark Spy

Disguise yourself as a shark and swim freely!


banner for the Shark Spy mod

This will allow the player to swim around freely - as long as they're wearing the Shark head. Put the head on before you jump into the water, and swim around without worry. Collect underwater resources, swim to the abandoned raft off in the distance, or even rescue your friend who got a bit cocky and went in w/o their shark head on!

Important Information

It will only work when the host has this mod installed. If you join a raft and have the mod installed, but not the host it won't work.

Installation Instructions

  • Install RaftModLoader
  • Open RMLLauncher.exe
  • Open your mods folder by clicking on "Mods Folder" at the bottom right.
  • Put SharkSpy.cs in the mods folder
  • Start the game, load the mod and ENJOY!

Description last changed on 2020-05-26